The Impenetrable Bastion of Rationalized Insanity

  • Inquire if you must.
  • “The war, known as the Seven Years’ War, was between two alliances: Britain, Prussia and Hannover formed one side, while France (with First Nations allies), Russia, Austria, Sweden, Saxony, and later Spain formed the other. The British decided to leave the war on the continent against the French, Austrians, Russians and Saxons to the Prussians, under King Frederick the Great, who was all like, “don’t worry, bro. I got this”. With the continental war effectively taken care of, Britain turned its attention to stealing the colonies of everyone Frederick was curb-stomping on the mean streets of Europe.”

    —   Am excerpt from a textbook chapter, created by myself for a History final.
    • 18 January 2013
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